Actual Window Rollup 3.7

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  • Date 28 Apr, 2008

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Actual Window Rollup is the new and completely innovative way to resolve the problem of minimizing windows! Usually, we minimize windows to the task bar which is not very convenient; just imagine that you work with 7-8 applications simultaneously. What`s the result? The task bar is so cluttered that it is almost impossible to find the desired window quickly.

Minimize windows to the system tray so that you see only programs` icons? There is much more space now, but still - how to find exactly this or that icon among plenty of others? We offer you a smart solution. If you do not need some windows at the moment, roll them up so that only their title bars remain visible! Want to get them back? Just click the Roll Up button and windows are ready again! Title bars are easier to find than programs minimized to icons, so don`t hunt for windows any more!

Actual Window Rollup seamlessly integrates into Windows and functions totally transparently throughout the Operating System. Roll Up control is visually represented as another Windows-style title bar button placed next to the Minimize/Restore/Close buttons. It can also be triggered via contextual menu or hotkeys.

The Roll Up method can be specified individually for each application in the Configuration Module which contains the expandable list of programs, each with its own window behavior settings. The Module features predefined specifications for the most popular programs that`s why you can identify window behavior for any other application which is not on the Module list or you can apply Roll Up pattern to all windows in one simple click.
Rollup is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP. It is a REAL must-have for all users, who regularly multitask in several applications.

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