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  • Date 01 Dec, 2007

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Collate is a revolutionary product designed to give users for the first time a way to easily manage multiple page file formats. Using a sleek, well thought out interface, users can create a target multiple page PDF or TIFF document. Users can then add pages to the target from various source image formats including JPEG, BMP, PDF, TIFF. They can rearrange, sort or delete page from the target in any format they wish.

Any individual page can be edited with the bundled Collate Page Editor which allows them to both add text and do image based corrections such as erase image artifacts or color correction. When the target is a PDF file all searchable text is retained and any text added is also searchable. When saving the target file, users can choose from a variety of uncompressed, lossless compressed, or lossy compression flavors of TIFF and PDF files. Split or Merge any existing PDF or Tiff files.

Collate makes life easier for anyone who likes to scan documents because if a page misfeeds or is scanned out of order, the user can simply use Collate to add the missing page or rearrange the document without having to rescan the entire document. Collate also allows people to take collections of pictures and save them to one web viewable compressed PDF file. When using a PDF printer product or a scan to PDF product like Jetsoft Art-Copy 7.6, Collate can be used to view and edit the pages before sending to web, printing, emailing or sending the files to other sources. Collate is the dream product many people have been waiting for. You can now view the individual pages being created from detailed view all the way to 484x484!

Tag-uri: Collate revolutionary product designed give users for the first time way easily manage multiple page file formats Using sleek well thought out interface can create target PDF TIFF document Users then add pages from various source image including JPEG BMP They rearrange sort delete any format they wish Any individual edited with bundled Page Editor which allows them both text and based corrections such erase artifacts color correction When all searchable retained added also saving choose variety uncompressed lossless compressed lossy compression flavors files Split Merge existing Tiff makes life easier anyone who likes scan documents because misfeeds scanned order user simply use missing without having rescan entire people take collections pictures save one web viewable using printer like Jetsoft Art-Copy used view edit before sending printing emailing other sources dream many have been waiting You now being created detailed 484x484

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