Advanced PDF Manager 1.2

Title: Advanced PDF Manager 1.2
Size: 1.05 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $60
Shortdescription: PDF search and PDF to text conversion utility - get free from pdf problems
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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Get rid of fear of managing PDF documents. We provides you with the way to obtain information from valuable PDFs - it is a unique combination of PDF search and PDF-to-text converting tool, important but inexpensive improvement to your document management system.As the PDF file format becomes popular, we cannot imagine nowadays business without .pdf documents. And it is important to find and apply some solution that will enable adding PDF files to a company`s knowledge base and allow text retrieval for this type of file.Advanced PDF manager has two primary features: the ability to search text in PDF files, and a PDF-to-text convertion function. Advanced PDF Manager can be a beneficial add-on to existing document management systems, as it is a powerful document retrieval solution.Three key features make Advanced PDF Manager especially useful for you: preview pane, custom search options, and the ability to generate reports.Preview is what saves your time in other applications. Applied to a document search, it helps you to browse easily through search results without the necessity to open each file. It shows a small piece of the file, and it highlights the keywords that it has found.A Custom Search Option is what you have always dreamt about. You don`t have to specify search parameters every time you do new search.With Advanced PDF Manager, you can create several groups, for example `reports`, `press releases`, `applicants` resumes` and every other time you need to find something, you do only the necessary document retrieval using the search pattern that you already have, which includes the file mask and folder(s) to search.

Tag-uri: Advanced PDF Manager Get rid fear managing documents provides you with the way obtain information from valuable PDFs unique combination search and PDF-to-text converting tool important but inexpensive improvement your document management system file format becomes popular cannot imagine nowadays business without pdf And find apply some solution that will enable adding files company knowledge base allow text retrieval for this type manager has two primary features ability convertion function can beneficial add-on existing systems powerful Three key make especially useful preview pane custom options generate reports Preview what saves time other applications Applied helps browse easily through results necessity open each shows small piece highlights keywords found Custom Search Option have always dreamt about You don specify parameters every new With create several groups example press releases applicants resumes need something only necessary using pattern already which includes mask folder

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