DialGuard 2.20

Title: DialGuard 2.20
Size: 1.02 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $29
Shortdescription: DialGuard is the only program in the world which can prevent your phone bill from running wild as a result of small sneaky Dialer programs
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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Does your PC make calls to Vanuatu, Sct. Helena or Chad to connect to the Internet?Some websites use international dialing to trick you into paying to access content. The sites claim to be `free` or advertise that `no credit card is needed`, then prompts you to download a `viewer` or `dialer` program.Once the program is downloaded to your computer, it disconnects the Internet connection and reconnects to an international long-distance phone number, at rates between $2 and $7 a minute. Even more deceptive dialers exist, that doesn`t even warn you, changes your default Internet connection or uses the modem at random intervals.This is a serious world-wide problem and has been named one of the TOP 10 Scams of the Internet by the American Federal Trade Commision (FTC).All over the world people have received huge telephone bills because they didn`t realize what they accepted or their children simply didn`t understand what they were doing.DialGuard is the only program in the world which can prevent your phone bill from running wild as a result of small sneaky Dialer programs.DialGuard blocks calls to all phone numbers which have not been approved by you first, and in that way it prevents the Dialer programs from operating as intended. With DialGuard you can be sure that your PC never makes calls abroad or to any sex sites.If a program tries to call a phone number which has not been approved by you first the call is blocked and you receive an alarm message on screen.DialGuard has patent pending status in Europe and the USA.

Tag-uri: DialGuard Does your make calls Vanuatu Sct Helena Chad connect the Internet Some websites use international dialing trick you into paying access content The sites claim free advertise that credit card needed then prompts download viewer dialer program Once downloaded computer disconnects connection and reconnects long-distance phone number rates between minute Even more deceptive dialers exist doesn even warn changes default uses modem random intervals This serious world-wide problem has been named one TOP Scams American Federal Trade Commision FTC All over world people have received huge telephone bills because they didn realize what accepted their children simply understand were doing only which can prevent bill from running wild result small sneaky Dialer programs blocks all numbers not approved first way prevents operating intended With sure never makes abroad any sex tries call blocked receive alarm message screen patent pending status Europe USA

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