Anti-Trojan 5.5.420

Title: Anti-Trojan 5.5.420
Size: 4.68 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $21.95
Shortdescription: Anti-Trojan detects and deletes trojan horses. Portscan, registry- and diskscan.
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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Anti-Trojan is a fast and reliable trojan remover which detects and deletes trojan horses using a portscan, registry- and diskscan. This grants a very good detection rate of trojan horses. Use the portscan to find open ports on your PC. This method doesn`t yet delete any trojan. The registry-scan is a highspeed scan for autorun-entries. It scans the system registry by using known trojan filenames. If a trojan is identified by the registry-scan, it will be removed from disk. The diskscan also removes unwanted trojan files from your harddisks. This is the most important search method. You can select wheter you want to scan whole drives or specified folders. Anti-Trojan also scans within packed files (archives). Known file formats are: ARC, ARK, ARJ, CAB, DWC, PAK, ?Q?, GZ, LBR, LHA, LZH, RAR, SFX, TAR, TAZ, TGZ, Z, ZIP and ZOO. This scan may take a while. As approximate value we scanned 20 gigabytes in about 30 minutes (approx. 170,000 files). After the trojan-search there can be made a HTML report for printing. Actually Anti-Trojan includes more than 9000 trojan signatures. Free online updates are available. The background-guard watches for active trojans while you are working on your PC. An additional feature is the process-viewer plugin for viewing and terminating active tasks. Anti-Trojan comes with 29 language packs: English, German, French, Albanian, Arabian, Brazil, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (BG), Chinese (BIG5), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Portugiesisch, Russian, Serbocroatian, Slovak, Slovenski, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. You can test the trial-version with full functionality for 14 days. Subscribe to the Anti-Trojan newsletter to get a message when a new version has been published.

Tag-uri: Anti-Trojan 420 fast and reliable trojan remover which detects deletes horses using portscan registry- diskscan This grants very good detection rate Use the find open ports your method doesn yet delete any The registry-scan highspeed scan for autorun-entries scans system registry known filenames identified will removed from disk also removes unwanted files harddisks most important search You can select wheter you want whole drives specified folders within packed archives Known file formats are ARC ARK ARJ CAB DWC PAK LBR LHA LZH RAR SFX TAR TAZ TGZ ZIP ZOO may take while approximate value scanned gigabytes about minutes approx 170 000 After trojan-search there made HTML report printing Actually includes more than 9000 signatures Free online updates available background-guard watches active trojans working additional feature process-viewer plugin viewing terminating tasks comes with language packs English German French Albanian Arabian Brazil Bulgarian Catalan Chinese BIG5 Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Greek Hungarian Italian Lithuanian Macedonian Polish Portugiesisch Russian Serbocroatian Slovak Slovenski Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian test trial-version full functionality days Subscribe newsletter get message when new version has been published

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