e-Picture Pro 4.0

Title: e-Picture Pro 4.0
Size: 14.9 MB
OS: Windows NT/2000/XP
Price: Free
Shortdescription: e-Picture Pro 4.0, the latest release in the award winning e-Picture product line, offers an integrated set of graphics and animation design tools for both business and creative users.
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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e-Picture Pro 4.0 combines world-renowned graphic design, page layout and vector animation tools with a host of new features and capabilities created to make your work easier than ever. Intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use, e-Picture 4.0 provides everything you need to express your creativity, and take your work to a whole new level.With e-Picture Pro 4.0, you can:Use standard design and layout tools to easily create high-quality graphics and animations and enhance your site with sophisticated gradients, filters effects and animation capabilities. Create graphics and animations for cell phones, PDA’s and similar wireless devices without any hand coding. e-Picture Pro contains support for both SVG Tiny and SVG Basic. There are even built-in constraints you can activate that will prevent you from using features in e-Picture Pro that aren’t supported by your target SVG format. Create everything from 3D bar charts to executive dashboards and populate them with data straight from Excel with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can even create your own completely custom business graphics to impart just the right impression. e-Picture 4.0 Specs :Complete animations in no time with click-and-drag tweening. Create realistic movement using the tweening wizard Add flair to your animation using build-in text effects Enhance the appearance of your site with masks and rollovers Apply sophisticated gradients, patterns and filter effects for more visually appealing graphics Make data driven charts and graphs (importing data from Microsoft? Excel?) Create, import and export SVG files without any hand-coding Preview and save your files in Flash, SVG Tiny, SVG Basic and full SVG Import Photoshop? (while retaining layers) and Illustrator?, 3D Studio Max?, LightWave3D?, DXF, or any bitmap format such as GIF, JIPEG, TIFF, TARGA, etc.. Export to a wide variety of animated web formats including Flash, SVG and animated GIF e-Picture Pro is the perfect complement to Microsoft FrontPage?, Macromedia?, Dreamweaver and Adobe? GoLive

Tag-uri: e-Picture Pro combines world-renowned graphic design page layout and vector animation tools with host new features capabilities created make your work easier than ever Intuitive powerful easy-to-use provides everything you need express creativity take whole level With can Use standard easily create high-quality graphics animations enhance site sophisticated gradients filters effects Create for cell phones PDA similar wireless devices without any hand coding contains support both SVG Tiny Basic There are even built-in constraints activate that will prevent from using aren supported target format bar charts executive dashboards populate them data straight Excel just few clicks the mouse You own completely custom business impart right impression Specs Complete time click-and-drag tweening realistic movement wizard Add flair build-in text Enhance appearance masks rollovers Apply patterns filter more visually appealing Make driven graphs importing Microsoft import export files hand-coding Preview save Flash full Import Photoshop while retaining layers Illustrator Studio Max LightWave3D DXF bitmap such GIF JIPEG TIFF TARGA etc Export wide variety animated web formats including perfect complement FrontPage Macromedia Dreamweaver Adobe GoLive

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