WinAntiSPAM 1.17

Title: WinAntiSPAM 1.17
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OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $29.95
Shortdescription: WinAntiSPAM is used to protect your e-mail boxes from unwanted mail.
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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WinAntiSPAM is used to protect your e-mail boxes from unwanted mail.Working on the principle of mail gateway between e-mail server and your e-mail client (e.g. Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora, IncrediMail, etc.), this program lets you achieve really fantastic results in blocking and deleting SPAM (literally up to 100%).Major program features:- Integration with your e-mail client.- Blocking up to 100% of all incoming SPAM.- Traffic and time saving (due to deleting SPAM immediately on server).- Processing in manual or fully automatic mode (you may forget about installed program that protects your e-mail boxes from unwanted mail).- Working with white and black e-mail lists as well as with the whole domains or address masks.- Customizable `Request for Authorization` mode and request reason text.- Full program workflow control and thoroughful logging.- Friendly intuitive interfaceThe program WinAntiSpam is minimized to a system tray and functions absolutely clear to a user.Here is a small example to demonstrate:1. Suppose your friend has sent you a letter.2. You are going to get e-mail with a help of your e-mail client (Outlook, The Bat!, etc.).3. WinAntiSpam checks whether the sender of a letter is an accredited addressee.4 . If this sender is in the Accredited list, your e-mail client gets his letter.5. If this sender is in the Prohibited list, his letter deletes from the server and you don`t receive it.6. If the sender is unknown, WinAntiSpam sends him a request for authorization.7. After he confirms that he still wants you to receive his letter, WinAntiSpam adds his address to the the Accredited list.8. Later on you`ll get all letters from your friend.

Tag-uri: WinAntiSPAM used protect your e-mail boxes from unwanted mail Working the principle gateway between server and client Outlook Pegasus Eudora IncrediMail etc this program lets you achieve really fantastic results blocking deleting SPAM literally 100 Major features Integration with Blocking all incoming Traffic time saving due immediately Processing manual fully automatic mode may forget about installed that protects white black lists well whole domains address masks Customizable Request for Authorization request reason text Full workflow control thoroughful logging Friendly intuitive interfaceThe WinAntiSpam minimized system tray functions absolutely clear user Here small example demonstrate Suppose friend has sent letter You are going get help The Bat checks whether sender accredited addressee Accredited list gets his Prohibited deletes don receive unknown sends him authorization After confirms still wants adds Later letters

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