Bopup Group Server

Title: Bopup Group Server
Size: 8.17 MB
OS: Windows NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $115
Shortdescription: Corporate Instant Messaging Server for effective communication over local networks.
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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Corporate Instant Messaging Server for effective communications over a LAN. It manages user accounts, network groups, news messages, delivers offline messages, manages user current presence status. Key features include: * No Internet access required All conversations dialogs do not leave a local network. It makes instant messaging more secure and confidential. * Transparent operations to end-users Users automatically receive all the communication settings from the server, that are assinged by administrator. * User Presence statusThe messenger clients receive user account list from a server and able to see current presence status of each user, i.e. Online, Offline, Auto-Reply mode (Away).* User Account management Administrator can add, modify, delete user accounts and allow users to create/modify their own accounts by themselves.* Active Directory (AD) compatibility The user accounts can be imported from Active Directory. The account information can be modified by owner and is available to other users. * Centralized Network Groups management Users can be assigned to one or more common groups to receive and send messages on these groups. Each user receives an assigned Network Groups list, independently from computer name where he is currently logged. * Offline message delivery Users can exchange messages even if recipient is not currently available on a local network. The message is automatically delivered to recipient when he goes online. * News Messaging System Administrator can create news messages, specify recipient list (including user groups and each user individually), priority, frequency, time and notify users on any events, such as project discussion, meeting, lunch time and etc. News messages can be also sent with a guaranteed delivery.Bopup Communication Server will be an ideal solution for a company who is looking for effective instant messaging system including ability of user grouping, shared account information, news management and offline message delivery.

Tag-uri: Bopup Group Server 1433 Corporate Instant Messaging for effective communications over LAN manages user accounts network groups news messages delivers offline current presence status Key features include Internet access required All conversations dialogs not leave local makes instant messaging more secure and confidential Transparent operations end-users Users automatically receive all the communication settings from server that are assinged administrator User Presence statusThe messenger clients account list able see each Online Offline Auto-Reply mode Away Account management Administrator can add modify delete allow users create their own themselves Active Directory compatibility The imported information modified owner available other Centralized Network Groups assigned one common send these Each receives independently computer name where currently logged message delivery exchange even recipient delivered when goes online News System specify including individually priority frequency time notify any events such project discussion meeting lunch etc also sent with guaranteed Communication will ideal solution company who looking system ability grouping shared

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