@MAX Tray Player 0.97b

Title: @MAX Tray Player 0.97b
Size: 677 KB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: Free
Shortdescription: Download this innovative taskbar-integrated media player now! Absolutely FREE!
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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@MAX Tray Player is a small, easy to use but also fairly powerful multimedia player. It is designed for those who like to listen to music while working on the computer. It embeds itself into Windows taskbar virtually becoming a part of Windows. Thus it doesn`t obscure desktop and user application windows while always being at hand.All basic actions, including: open files, play files, stop or pause file, go to next or previous file are easily accessible through corresponding buttons on the taskbar.For key-binding fans all basic actions can be easily bound to hot keys. Using hot key combinations one can control the player regardless of the program being active at the moment.Getting full control over player is easy - single mouse click brings up full player window. Besides basic actions it offers seeking functions, volume and balance adjustment, playlist editing etc.To select files or whole folders for playing there are traditional choices such as open file dialog, drag`n`drop, explorer context menu as well as Tray Player special feature - My Media. One can just set the path to folders which contain media files and access their contents including subfolders directly from the popup menu.In the process of playing Tray Player displays information about file being played including: play time, title and artist in the small floating window. One can adjust the transparency of this window or just hide it.Tray Player features flexible user settings. One can change player position in the taskbar, buttons displayed, etc.Ever popular skin support is there too.Tray Player can play audio, video and other multimedia files in the most popular formats, including: Audio CD (cda), any format supported by DirectShow (mp3, wma, divx, avi...), Playlist Files (pls, m3u).And to top all that, TrayPlayer is absolutely free. Download now!

Tag-uri: MAX Tray Player 97b small easy use but also fairly powerful multimedia player designed for those who like listen music while working the computer embeds itself into Windows taskbar virtually becoming part Thus doesn obscure desktop and user application windows always being hand All basic actions including open files play stop pause file next previous are easily accessible through corresponding buttons For key-binding fans all can bound hot keys Using key combinations one control regardless program active moment Getting full over single mouse click brings window Besides offers seeking functions volume balance adjustment playlist editing etc select whole folders playing there traditional choices such dialog drag drop explorer context menu well special feature Media One just set path which contain media access their contents subfolders directly from popup process displays information about played time title artist floating adjust transparency this hide features flexible settings change position displayed Ever popular skin support too audio video other most formats Audio cda any format supported DirectShow mp3 wma divx avi Playlist Files pls m3u And top that TrayPlayer absolutely free Download now

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