StationPlaylist Studio 1.41

Title: StationPlaylist Studio 1.41
Size: 627 KB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $89
Shortdescription: Low-cost live assist and automation audio broadcast playout system
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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A low-cost broadcast playout system with the following features:# Automated and Live Assist mode. # Continuous 24/7 play in automation mode. # Microphone control. # Manual & automatic Line-In control for external feeds. # Schedule live feeds from external sources. # Supports playing MP3 & OGG Internet streams for news feeds etc. # Track Preview available on a second soundcard.# Generate a `Playing Now` HTML web page or text file and optionally upload it to a remote web server via FTP. # Schedule spots or events to occur at specific times. # Up to 48 instant plays (carts) for jingles/sound effects etc. # 12 personalised carts per user/announcer login. # Password protection for changing options. # Insert, delete & move tracks in the live playlist. # Drag & drop tracks from Windows Explorer. # Insert tracks by searching a portion of the artist and/or title. # Automatic time-of-day announcement support (audio files not provided). # Auto-start in automated mode after power failure. # Detailed logging for royalty payments & advertisement billing. # Single keystrokes for Start, Stop, Mic and more. # Uses the powerful & robust Winamp audio engine. # Advanced automatic crossfading for a professional sound. # Internet broadcasting via free DSP plugins. # Free sound processing/audio compressors/limiters available. # Supports MP3,MP2,OGG Vorbis,WMA,WAV,AIFF & CDA audio file formats. # No song database to maintain.# Fully compatible with StationPlaylist Creator music scheduler. # Schedule new playlists to be created automatically (with Creator).# May run unattended in automation mode indefinitely (with Creator).NOTE: Requires Winamp v2.x and SQRSoft Advanced Crossfading Plugin to be installed separately.

Tag-uri: StationPlaylist Studio low-cost broadcast playout system with the following features Automated and Live Assist mode Continuous play automation Microphone control Manual automatic Line-In for external feeds Schedule live from sources Supports playing MP3 OGG Internet streams news etc Track Preview available second soundcard Generate Playing Now HTML web page text file optionally upload remote server via FTP spots events occur specific times instant plays carts jingles sound effects personalised per user announcer login Password protection changing options Insert delete move tracks playlist Drag drop Windows Explorer searching portion artist title Automatic time-of-day announcement support audio files not provided Auto-start automated after power failure Detailed logging royalty payments advertisement billing Single keystrokes Start Stop Mic more Uses powerful robust Winamp engine Advanced crossfading professional broadcasting free DSP plugins Free processing compressors limiters MP2 Vorbis WMA WAV AIFF CDA formats song database maintain Fully compatible Creator music scheduler new playlists created automatically May run unattended indefinitely NOTE Requires SQRSoft Crossfading Plugin installed separately

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