ArtIcons 3.26

Title: ArtIcons 3.26
Size: 1.02 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $19.95
Shortdescription: You can create, edit, import, export and find icons and manage icon libraries
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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Aha-soft ArtIcons allows you to find and extract icons, create and edit icons, import and export icons and manage icon libraries. Using this program you can create and edit icons with image formats in either standard or custom sizes, with color depths up to 32-bit True Color. Paint tools include: color replacer, color selector, spray can, pencil, brush, flood fill, text tool, line tool, rectangle, curve, ellipse, 3d frame and enhanced gradient and chess fill.ArtIcons allows you to import, export and change color palettes for icon images. You can import icons from .ico, .ani, .cur, .wmf, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files and import images from screen captures. You can export icon images to .ico, .bmp, .jpg and .png files. You can even extract icons from Windows executables, libraries (including .exe, .scr, .icl, .dll, .il, .nil, .ocx, .vbx, .dpl, .bpl and several other file types). You can modify icons inside existing executables. With ArtIcons, you can create your own icon libraries for better and more efficient icon storage. ArtIcons scans files and folders for icons, deletes identical icons from libraries, performs drag and drop operations to files from Windows Explorer or other file shells and drags and drops icons from one library to another. You can move icons between libraries as well as copy and paste images to other applications. This product supports the new icon format introduced in Windows XP (employs transparency and other visual effects).

Tag-uri: ArtIcons Aha-soft allows you find and extract icons create edit import export manage icon libraries Using this program can with image formats either standard custom sizes color depths 32-bit True Color Paint tools include replacer selector spray pencil brush flood fill text tool line rectangle curve ellipse frame enhanced gradient chess change palettes for images You from ico ani cur wmf bmp jpg jpeg png files screen captures even Windows executables including exe scr icl dll nil ocx vbx dpl bpl several other file types modify inside existing With your own better more efficient storage scans folders deletes identical performs drag drop operations Explorer shells drags drops one library another move between well copy paste applications This product supports the new format introduced employs transparency visual effects

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