Brilliant Database 1.15

Title: Brilliant Database 1.15
Size: 2.68 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $29
Shortdescription: Dendritic database based on your own forms what can work with any kind of data.
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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We live during the Age of Information. And everyday we get more and more of it. In order to manage it effectively, to separate necessary information from unnecessary and to classify information properly, people created databases. But the problem with the average database is that it is complicated and hard to use. That is why BinaryBrilliant created Brilliant Database - a straightforward and powerful database creator that has a tree-like structure.The main distinctive feature of Brilliant Database is what we call `freestyle forms`, which means that there are no rigid templates and structures for you distinct needs and ideas. This unique feature allows you to design your database as you wish, thus making working with database much easier. With this software you can easily create any dialog boxes, lists, buttons and much more. Most importantly, any person can do this - you don`t have to have any special knowledge. All of the elements of this program are customizable. You choose the font, the color, the size you want to use. You can add pictures, icons, sounds, music and video. You can search, print, sort, export/import (Access), code/decode data that you work with. If there is anything you need to do with data this program can do it easily and conveniently.So who should use Brilliant Database? You. This program can be used at home to keep track of books, CDs or passwords. If you collect something, this software is an absolute must have. Teachers and college professors will certainly fall in love with Brilliant Database. People who makes their living with computer (designers, programmers, webmasters) are sure to praise the program. Small businesses and large corporations alike can use Brilliant Db. to make processing clients, goods, and data easy.And now you can get this program from the Internet. You are given an extensive time period to use Brilliant Db. for FREE. You buy it only if you like it. And with this many great features you are destined to.

Tag-uri: Brilliant Database live during the Age Information And everyday get more and order manage effectively separate necessary information from unnecessary classify properly people created databases But problem with average database that complicated hard use That why BinaryBrilliant straightforward powerful creator has tree-like structure The main distinctive feature what call freestyle forms which means there are rigid templates structures for you distinct needs ideas This unique allows design your wish thus making working much easier With this software can easily create any dialog boxes lists buttons Most importantly person don have special knowledge All elements program customizable You choose font color size want add pictures icons sounds music video search print sort export import Access code decode data work anything need conveniently who should used home keep track books CDs passwords collect something absolute must Teachers college professors will certainly fall love People makes their living computer designers programmers webmasters sure praise Small businesses large corporations alike make processing clients goods easy now Internet given extensive time period FREE buy only like many great features destined

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