idxScout 1.1.0

Title: idxScout 1.1.0
Size: 774.8 KB
License: Shareware
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Price: USD $299.00
Publisher: idxSoft LLC
Shortdescription: idxScout: Software for Database Discovery and Machine Assisted SQL. Do relational databases have to be so complicated? idxScout may be the answer you`re looking for. It investigates relationships within a relational database, revealing its logical structu
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  • Date 10 Oct, 2011

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idxScout: Software for Database Discovery and Machine Assisted SQL. Do relational databases have to be so complicated? idxScout may be the answer you`re looking for. It investigates relationships within a relational database, revealing its logical structure. Whether you`re a pro or a novice, you`ll be writing database queries (SQL) with machine accuracy, giving your brain a break. In no time you`ll understand relationships contained within a database. A modern database may contain hundreds of tables, each with ten or more fields, resulting in a matrix of thousands of individual parts. Learning a database`s structure is a very difficult task taking days for professionals and weeks for novices. Automatically write SQL select statements. idxScout uses an explorer-like interface to easily choose the tables and fields you want to query. Gone are the days where it was easier to select all (*) from a table. Just select what you want, press preview, and check it off your to do list. Quickly build machine accurate SQL joins. idxScout has the intelligence to predict joins for you. If the join is complex, just pick it from a list of relationships. Joins always straightforward, never nested, and easily understood. Eliminate some frustration and save your brain for better tasks. Time and money saved. Using a patent pending approach to database management, idxScout makes the terribly difficult, easy. Just import your existing SQL, modify, and export back to your database management system. Microsoft`s .NET technology ensures compatibility with SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, DBF, and many other databases all in a single system. A configured sample database gets you started right away. There`s a step-by-step tutorial on the web just in case. Get a free, no-nag, fully functional 15 day trial. Purchase a license for $299.00; when you save 4 hours development time, it`s paid for! System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64 .Net 3.5

Tag-uri: idxScout Software for Database Discovery and Machine Assisted SQL relational databases have complicated may the answer you looking investigates relationships within database revealing its logical structure Whether pro novice writing queries with machine accuracy giving your brain break time understand contained modern contain hundreds tables each ten more fields resulting matrix thousands individual parts Learning very difficult task taking days professionals weeks novices Automatically write select statements uses explorer-like interface easily choose want query Gone are where was easier all from table Just what press preview check off list Quickly build accurate joins has intelligence predict join complex just pick Joins always straightforward never nested understood Eliminate some frustration save better tasks Time money saved Using patent pending approach management makes terribly easy import existing modify export back system Microsoft NET technology ensures compatibility Server MySQL Access DBF many other single configured sample gets started right away There step-by-step tutorial web case Get free no-nag fully functional day trial Purchase license 299 when hours development paid System Requirements Windows Vista Net

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