.NET Dashboard Suite 3.8

Title: .NET Dashboard Suite 3.8
Size: 50.5 MB
License: Shareware
OS: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Price: USD $950.00
Publisher: Perpetuum Software
Shortdescription: Business decisions depend on the manner in which information is represented. The most optimal solution to this problem is data visualization. Perpetuum Software LLC offers a package of components called .NET Dashboard Suite. This product is developed for
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  • Date 26 Aug, 2011

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Business decisions depend on the manner in which information is represented. The most optimal solution to this problem is data visualization. Perpetuum Software LLC offers a package of components called .NET Dashboard Suite. This product is developed for the .NET framework 2.0 and includes Instrumentation ModelKit and Chart ModelKit. The use of the .NET Dashboard Suite package allows the creation of hardware emulators, dashboards, KPI and visually appealing graphs and charts. The .Net Dashboard Suite contains Dashboard Web Viewer and Win Viewer which allow the developers to view digital dashboards in the Win Forms and ASP.NET applications. Instrumentation ModelKit and Chart ModelKit provide an interconnected framework with unified design time and runtime customization facilities, common data management and appearance customization methods. Identical designers allow the creation of gauges and charts having a unique appearance and functionality with just a few mouse clicks. The Chart ModelKit and Instrumentation ModelKit architecture allows the assignment of the interactive objects behavior without coding. The easy-to-use intuitive interface doesn`t require any special programming knowledge. Instrumentation ModelKit and Chart ModelKit components contain rich libraries of ready-made controls, standard elements and a set of available series types. The user can create controls or charts from scratch if necessary. The .NET Dashboard Suite components are fully compatible with the .NET framework 2.0, contain only managed code and easily integrate into MS Visual Studio. The ample capabilities in the data visualization sphere enable you to quickly and easily display the necessary multidimensional data. Be advised that .NET Dashboard Suite 3.5 supports only .NET 2.0. If you work with .NET Framework 1.1, please use .NET Dashboard Suite 2.3 which is compatible with .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0. .NET Dashboard Suite™ - Design Complicated and Intelligent Digital Dashboards, KPIs, Scorecards, etc. in .Net Framework. NET Dashboard Suite is a pack of .NET components designed for the creation of complicated and intelligent digital dashboards. The package includes Instrumentation ModelKit and Chart ModelKit. The .Net Dashboard Suite™ provides advantages that will help you save time and effort when developing digital dashboards. They are: # Full compatibility of the components. You don’t need to look for solutions developed by separate vendors, test their compatibility or spend time adjusting them to each other. # Unified methods of management and setting will help you reduce the time required for exploring products. # Free updates and upgrades for 1 year will allow you to use the latest technologies in your projects. # Free and timely technical support for 1 year. # Royalty-free runtime of the products requiring no additional fees. # Full source code availability provides total control over the application.

Tag-uri: NET Dashboard Suite Business decisions depend the manner which information represented The most optimal solution this problem data visualization Perpetuum Software LLC offers package components called This product developed for framework and includes Instrumentation ModelKit Chart use allows creation hardware emulators dashboards KPI visually appealing graphs charts Net contains Web Viewer Win allow developers view digital Forms ASP applications provide interconnected with unified design time runtime customization facilities common management appearance methods Identical designers gauges having unique functionality just few mouse clicks architecture assignment interactive objects behavior without coding easy-to-use intuitive interface doesn require any special programming knowledge contain rich libraries ready-made controls standard elements set available series types user can create from scratch necessary are fully compatible only managed code easily integrate into Visual Studio ample capabilities sphere enable you quickly display multidimensional advised that supports work Framework please Design Complicated Intelligent Digital Dashboards KPIs Scorecards etc pack designed complicated intelligent provides advantages will help save effort when developing They Full compatibility You don need look solutions separate vendors test their spend adjusting them each other Unified setting reduce required exploring products Free updates upgrades year latest technologies your projects timely technical support Royalty-free requiring additional fees source availability total control over application

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