ImageMatics Flash Publisher 1858

Title: ImageMatics Flash Publisher 1858
Size: 1600KB
License: Shareware
OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Price: $49.95
Publisher: Imagematics
Shortdescription: Creates Flash multimedia slideshows from still images, self playing movies, web pages, auto play CD ROM, SWF (Flash).

Provides transitions, pan & zoom, automatic Flash frame labels, advanced sound features, titles, annotation. Individual sou
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  • Date 12 Apr, 2010

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Creates Flash multimedia slideshows from still images, self playing movies, web pages, auto play CD ROM, SWF (Flash).

Provides transitions, pan & zoom, automatic Flash frame labels, advanced sound features, titles, annotation. Individual sound tracks may be applied to each slide, sound blending P makes sharing and showing off your photos a snap.

Load your pictures in a folder and simply tell StillMotion Creator PE to create a slide show. Select Publish and you`re done.

Personal and professional applications. Creates Flash Frame labels.

Just one click to Publish to do all this:

` Create a slide show to view on your PC
` Create a slide show you can e-mail as a self-extracting file. The recipient clicks on it and up it comes in its own player.
` Create a screen saver for your PC
` Generate a web page with your slide show in place.
` Output a Flash compatible SWF file for with Frame Labels included for each slide for navigation and virtual tours.
` Add music, titles, professional annotation, matting, matting, effects and much more
` Advance sound features include individual soundtrack per slide, automatic show time to sound time option, easy insert editing, sound mixing controls per slide.


PE can quickly import your images into a slide sorter display. You can then change the order of the slides by simply dragging them around the sorter screen. Insert other entire folders, groups of images or select individual images to add from any source you choose. Image scaling and centering are all done automatically for you!

You can drag and drop from folders so making your slide shows is easier than ever!


Animated menus let you pick from dozens of transitions and effects. Add pan and zoom effects. You control the timing. Plus, a built in image editor lets you crop your photos, rotate them and correct brightness and contrast... all without leaving PE.

Tag-uri: ImageMatics Flash Publisher 1858 Creates multimedia slideshows from still images self playing movies web pages auto play ROM SWF Provides transitions pan zoom automatic frame labels advanced sound features titles annotation Individual tracks may applied each slide blending makes sharing and showing off your photos snap Load pictures folder simply tell StillMotion Creator create show Select Publish you done Personal professional applications Frame Just one click all this Create view can e-mail self-extracting file The recipient clicks comes its own player screen saver for Generate page with place Output compatible Labels included navigation virtual tours Add music matting effects much more Advance include individual soundtrack per time option easy insert editing mixing controls EASY quickly import into sorter display You then change the order slides dragging them around Insert other entire folders groups select add any source choose Image scaling centering are automatically drag drop making shows easier than ever POWERFUL Animated menus let pick dozens control timing Plus built image editor lets crop rotate correct brightness contrast without leaving

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