MixVibes Producer 7

Title: MixVibes Producer 7
Size: 44.92 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $339
Shortdescription: MixVibes PRODUCER is based on the DVS technology (Digital Vinyl Software). It allows you to spin your digital media files from your PC with CD or vinyl decks
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  • Date 02 Nov, 2008

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Write Your ReviewUser Reviews : MixVibes PRODUCER gets all the functionalities of DVS, boosted with pro features. This software brings another step towards making the DJ a musician and remixer thanks to a set of amazing creative tools.PRODUCER featuresMix the video filesAccess to your favourite video files and include them in sync in your mix. Video clips format such as divx, .avi, .vob, .mov, .mpeg 1 or 2 are compatible. If your computer is powered enough (check the recommended specs) and you have the codec installed on your machine, specific and professional video formats such as H.264, mp4 and HD files can be supported. Along with the video, a special rack includes various video effects and transitions. The mixed video output can be sent to a secondary screen monitor or projector. 16 players are available to mix a number of video files.4 decks controlIf you are a lucky owner of a multiple In/Out soundcard (4IN/4OUT for example), 4 decks can be controlled with 4 players at the same time.Smart samplerThe included 16 pattern sampler is enhanced for this PRODUCER version. It is in direct wire with your players and acts interactively with it. Up-beat / down beat, beat grinding, beat slicing, preset beat repeating are the amazing features of PRODUCER sampler. An all-in-one solution for DJ to remix live their tracks. Check the tutorial video for more details and our community for Djs experience on PRODUCER sampler. We recommend an external MIDI sampler (ex: KORG Pad kontrol) for a quicker access to the samples data.Beat box liveThe Microphone input is now connected to your MixVibes players. Plug a MIC in your professional soundcard for beat box, MC’s performances or announcements. The instant MIC recording saves the file in a specific folder. Once recorded, the file can be dragged and dropped into the player, for instance scratch live!VST instrument and effectThe Steinberg VST plug-in and free VST effects are hosted in MixVibes PRODUCER. MIDI keyboard should be connected to your computer to play the instruments. We recommend official VST instrument purchased in retail. For live performers, the melodies played through VST instruments can be recorded as a media file. Then, drag and drop the file in your player and mix it live with your turntables.

Tag-uri: MixVibes Producer Write Your ReviewUser Reviews PRODUCER gets all the functionalities DVS boosted with pro features This software brings another step towards making musician and remixer thanks set amazing creative tools featuresMix video filesAccess your favourite files include them sync mix Video clips format such divx avi vob mov mpeg are compatible computer powered enough check recommended specs you have codec installed machine specific professional formats 264 mp4 can supported Along special rack includes various effects transitions The mixed output sent secondary screen monitor projector players available number decks controlIf lucky owner multiple Out soundcard 4IN 4OUT for example controlled same time Smart samplerThe included pattern sampler enhanced this version direct wire acts interactively Up-beat down beat grinding slicing preset repeating all-in-one solution remix live their tracks Check tutorial more details our community Djs experience recommend external MIDI KORG Pad kontrol quicker access samples data Beat box liveThe Microphone input now connected Plug MIC performances announcements instant recording saves file folder Once recorded dragged dropped into player instance scratch VST instrument effectThe Steinberg plug-in free hosted keyboard should play instruments official purchased retail For performers melodies played through media Then drag drop turntables

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