Game Arena 1.91

Title: Game Arena 1.91
Size: 1635KB
License: Shareware
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Price: $24
Publisher: Necrosoft
Shortdescription: This superprogram is the best analog to Windows Desktop. Using `GAME ARENA` desktop you can create the shortcuts, which icons can be different sizes and shapes, and apply various properties to them (e.g: If an application needs CD it ejects the CD-ROM dri
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  • Downloads 206
  • Date 29 Apr, 2008

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This superprogram is the best analog to Windows Desktop. Using `GAME ARENA` desktop you can create the shortcuts, which icons can be different sizes and shapes, and apply various properties to them (e.g: If an application needs CD it ejects the CD-ROM drive). Also you may label any of your executables with different priority classes in order to make their performance faster.

If the target file which is to be linked by any of shortcuts is deleted, the program will remove the appropriate shortcut automaticly, but won`t delete it at all. So, if the target file was restored, the program resumes its shortcut.

By the way, you are able to make unlimited quantity of pages with shortcuts and link the shortcuts from different pages.

Using a comfortable interface you`re able to watch the running processes, commit a cold termination in case of their hanging-up or bugging, watch the HDD free space and fully control your CD-ROM drive (to eject;to carry in;the support of autorun).

- Unlimited desktop pages with shortcuts.
- Creation of icons using any BMP-typed bitmaps.
- A chart with HDD statistics diagram, where the HDD free space information can be found.
- A full control of CD-ROM drive events/notifications (application-defined eject, carry-in;autorun support).
- Page password protection.
- Different-page icons attachment
- A running string, that scrolls random rows from a specified text file.
- A comfortable wizard system will help you to fine-tune and synchronize your GA desktop with your machine
- Thanks to comfortable interface, you`ll easy study all about GA
- Using the priorities server you can force your applications to work faster.

Tag-uri: Game Arena This superprogram the best analog Windows Desktop Using GAME ARENA desktop you can create shortcuts which icons different sizes and shapes apply various properties them application needs ejects CD-ROM drive Also may label any your executables with priority classes order make their performance faster target file linked deleted program will remove appropriate shortcut automaticly but won delete all was restored resumes its way are able unlimited quantity pages link from comfortable interface watch running processes commit cold termination case hanging-up bugging HDD free space fully control eject carry support autorun FEATURES Unlimited Creation using BMP-typed bitmaps chart statistics diagram where information found full events notifications application-defined carry-in Page password protection Different-page attachment string that scrolls random rows specified text wizard system help fine-tune synchronize machine Thanks easy study about priorities server force applications work

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