CalcExp 1.00.0367

Title: CalcExp 1.00.0367
Size: 15.08 MB
License: Shareware
OS: Windows All
Price: USD$24
Publisher: NewSpringSoft
Shortdescription: A Powerful Java Science Calculator, Unit/Currency/Color Converter. It supports formatting result numbers to fitting your locale, 5 locales are supported: English, Germany, France, Italy, US. It supports 36 functions, 198 units/35 currencies, Skins.
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  • Date 01 Jan, 2005

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CalcExp is skin changeable! ------------------------------------------ the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is very beautiful, and it's skin changeable! there are 7 themes created by professional artists, and you may get more without extra charge. the font for displaying result number is big enough for easy to read. Powerful number formatting ---------------------------------------- 1. Convert result to Hex,Oct,Dec,Bin freely. eg: (Dec)255 -> (Hex)FF. 2. 5 kinds of locales to format numbers fitting your custom: US,UK,France,Germany,Italy. 3. Set fraction digits freely from 5 to 16. 4. Grouping, eg: 1234.56 -> 1,234.56. In Unit Convertor and Currency Convertor, the results are formatted like the calculator do. 5. Scientific notation, eg: 1234.56 -> 1.23456E3. Very friendly, Very easy to use --------------------------------------------- 1. the frequently used functionalities is intergrated into toolbar buttons, such as: undo/redo, and Unit/Currency Convertor, etc. 2. Most of the actions are binded with shortcuts, such as, Ctrl+Z to undo, Ctrl+S to save history, Ctrl+Up to recall previous expression in history, etc. 3. CalcExp can stand always on top to help you work with other applications. CalcExp can hide into systray and save screen space. 4. CalcExp is very easy to use, whatever you input expressions by keyboard or clicking mouse. User defined functions and constants ---------------------------------------------------- With CalcExp, you can define your own functions and constants. If you input a certain kind of expression very often, you can define it as a function, and call it later when you want it. Multi-Platform & Click And Run ---------------------------------------------------- CalcExp runs on Windows 2K/XP/Vista;MacOsX;Linux;Solaris. Based on Java Web Start technologe, the installation is absolutely easy. Visit our website, click "launch" button and run it within 1 minute. More and More ...

Tag-uri: CalcExp 0367 skin changeable ------------------------------------------ the GUI Graphical User Interface very beautiful and there are themes created professional artists you may get more without extra charge font for displaying result number big enough easy read Powerful formatting ---------------------------------------- Convert Hex Oct Dec Bin freely 255 kinds locales format numbers fitting your custom France Germany Italy Set fraction digits from Grouping 1234 234 Unit Convertor Currency results formatted like calculator Scientific notation 23456E3 Very friendly use --------------------------------------------- frequently used functionalities intergrated into toolbar buttons such undo redo etc Most actions binded with shortcuts Ctrl save history recall previous expression can stand always top help work other applications hide systray screen space whatever input expressions keyboard clicking mouse defined functions constants ---------------------------------------------------- With define own certain kind often function call later when want Multi-Platform Click And Run runs Windows Vista MacOsX Linux Solaris Based Java Web Start technologe installation absolutely Visit our website click launch button run within minute More

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