YearPlanner 2.3

Title: YearPlanner 2.3
Size: 3.42 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $29.95
Shortdescription: An interactive software Year Planner, with reminders and WYSIWYG Interface
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  • Date 10 Mar, 2008

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Write Your ReviewUser Reviews : YearPlanner lets you plan events on a single multi-month page from 1 to 12 months using the classic planner layout usually only available as a wall chart. Home users remember appointments, schedule holidays and plan special events. Schools and colleges create academic year plans and term time tables. Businesses plan projects and schedule resources. Unlike a wall-chart YearPlanner shows you the year ahead – not just the calendar year. This gives you an unprecedented strategic view of up and coming events. No other calendar program has this approach at the core of its design. YearPlanner is a Microsoft Windows compatible application which manages, organizes, and presents calendar based events-data for individuals, groups, and organizations. It can be used as a diary, scheduler, project management tool or any other application that requires a long term view of calendar data. YearPlanner has all the features that you would expect from a top-of-the-range scheduling application - Event reminders (with definable sounds), recurring events, categorization, and much more. You can even import calendar data directly from Microsoft Outlook. YearPlanner delivers a high degree of flexibility and control. You can define colour schemes, fonts, and layouts. You can also define the start date, start day-of-week, and weekend days. In fact you can also decide which days of the week are visible. And, if you want to produce hard-copy, the print-what-you-see interface ensures you always know how your printed page will look.

Tag-uri: YearPlanner Write Your ReviewUser Reviews lets you plan events single multi-month page from months using the classic planner layout usually only available wall chart Home users remember appointments schedule holidays and special Schools colleges create academic year plans term time tables Businesses projects resources Unlike wall-chart shows ahead not just calendar This gives unprecedented strategic view coming other program has this approach core its design Microsoft Windows compatible application which manages organizes presents based events-data for individuals groups organizations can used diary scheduler project management tool any that requires long data all features would expect top-of-the-range scheduling Event reminders with definable sounds recurring categorization much more You even import directly Outlook delivers high degree flexibility control define colour schemes fonts layouts also start date day-of-week weekend days fact decide week are visible And want produce hard-copy print-what-you-see interface ensures always know how your printed will look

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