AFXContact English Version 2.1

Title: AFXContact English Version 2.1
Size: 7603KB
License: Shareware
OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Price: $14.95
Publisher: FXIT
Shortdescription: AFXContact allows to store in the same place names of people, companies, card numbers and PINs, bank account numbers, websites addresses and username, software passwords and serial numbers. According to the type of data you enter, the display changes auto
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  • Date 08 Mar, 2008

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AFXContact allows to store in the same place names of people, companies, card numbers and PINs, bank account numbers, websites addresses and username, software passwords and serial numbers. According to the type of data you enter, the display changes automatically making sense of the displayed information.

A Links feature allows to correlate records of the same file, e.g. a Company with all their Sales Reps, so by clicking in the company record, all records related to it will show up.

The main file can be protected by a password, and there are custom fields and displays to make them your own. The data is stored in .mdb format, so they are easily accessible from most software packages. If not used individually, AFXContact can be used also through a network allowing every user to access and update any record.

Data display changes according to the type of the entered record.
Links between records can be built and shown with a mouse click.
Password protection available. Several files can be organized for different users, with or without password.

.mdb data file format allows for the files to be read from most of software packages.
Custom fields and displays to enter your own desired data (i.e. Social Security Number, Family Status, License Nr., you call it!)
Keeps in the same place and shows with the most suitable display different information, such as a person name

No more repetitive tasks, like typing the Company name and address every time a form needs to be filled-out.

Form is filled with tidy, legible, printer fonts, including bold and italic.
Many forms can be printed in one go.

Built-in Macros will perform calculations and copy the data from box to box.
Date, day, month, year in short and longhand can be placed in the box.
Amendments can be made before filling the actual form.

Our exclusive Correction Grid allows to print forms from different batches (with slight differences of size or alignment) without the need of redesigning the whole form.

Tag-uri: AFXContact English Version allows store the same place names people companies card numbers and PINs bank account websites addresses username software passwords serial According type data you enter display changes automatically making sense displayed information Links feature correlate records file Company with all their Sales Reps clicking company record related will show The main can protected password there are custom fields displays make them your own stored mdb format they easily accessible from most packages not used individually also through network allowing every user access update any Data according entered between built shown mouse click Password protection available Several files organized for different users without read Custom desired Social Security Number Family Status License call Keeps shows suitable such person name more repetitive tasks like typing address time form needs filled-out Form filled tidy legible printer fonts including bold italic Many forms printed one Built-in Macros perform calculations copy box Date day month year short longhand placed Amendments made before filling actual Our exclusive Correction Grid print batches slight differences size alignment need redesigning whole

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