Inplace Calculator 4.3

Title: Inplace Calculator 4.3
Size: 1594KB
License: Shareware
OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Price: $19.95
Publisher: Gracelogic
Shortdescription: Inplace Calculator is more than just a simple computing utility. It automatically extracts/inserts digits or expressions from/to any documents, so you don`t have to copy/paste data or type it manually in.

Simply place a cursor over data you
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  • Date 10 Jan, 2008

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Inplace Calculator is more than just a simple computing utility. It automatically extracts/inserts digits or expressions from/to any documents, so you don`t have to copy/paste data or type it manually in.

Simply place a cursor over data you want to input or select an expression and it gets automatically inserted. Perform necessary calculations and the result is ready for the output back inside the document.

Plus, the program converts 120+ time, length, volume, weight and other measurement units, comes with conversion rates for 150+ currencies updated automatically and works as a mortgage calculator. And it does all that not only inside own program interface, but rather inside any document or application you need, freeing you of unnecessary mouse movements and keystrokes.

Using Inplace Calculator, you can do your work in a fraction of time it used to take you before you downloaded this awesome program. Inplace Calculator comes with scientific/engineering calculator features, like evolution, involution and exponential calculation, computation of logarithms, trigonometric functions, and features a handy expression evaluator that helps you avoid mistakes, misprints and errors.

The calculation history feature displays a complete list of data entered and calculations performed, so that you can always come back and look up the results you need. Are you impressed? Then add eye-candy interface, easy setup, comprehensive Quick Start Guide and free trial to understand why the experts consider Inplace Calculator the best calculator software currently available on the Internet.

Download your free trial version now, and see if you can come back to your regular calculator after you`ve tried this one!

Tag-uri: Inplace Calculator more than just simple computing utility automatically extracts inserts digits expressions from any documents you don have copy paste data type manually Simply place cursor over want input select expression and gets inserted Perform necessary calculations the result ready for output back inside document Plus program converts 120 time length volume weight other measurement units comes with conversion rates 150 currencies updated works mortgage calculator And does all that not only own interface but rather application need freeing unnecessary mouse movements keystrokes Using can your work fraction used take before downloaded this awesome scientific engineering features like evolution involution exponential calculation computation logarithms trigonometric functions handy evaluator helps avoid mistakes misprints errors The history feature displays complete list entered performed always come look results Are impressed Then add eye-candy easy setup comprehensive Quick Start Guide free trial understand why experts consider best software currently available Internet Download version now see regular after tried one

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