Account Pro 8.3.200

Title: Account Pro 8.3.200
Size: 5548KB
License: Shareware
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Price: $125
Publisher: AccSoft Shareware
Shortdescription: User-friendly network-capable multi-currency accounting and finance planning program, equally suitable for small to medium businesses, institutions, and private users. ACCOUNT PRO is multi-system (British/American and European), multi-currency, and multil
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  • Date 24 Dec, 2007

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User-friendly network-capable multi-currency accounting and finance planning program, equally suitable for small to medium businesses, institutions, and private users. ACCOUNT PRO is multi-system (British/American and European), multi-currency, and multilingual and can be installed in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian Danish, Swedish or Dutch. The program is based on the principle of double-entry bookkeeping. It is capable of networking, handles up to 2000 client accounts, and it has a function for automatic entry of tax and discount transactions.

ACCOUNT PRO comes with a number of standard charts of accounts..

Accounting with ACCOUNT PRO is very easy. As opposed to `normal` accounting programs, where erroneous entries must be neutralized (canceled) and corrected by additional entries, ACCOUNT PRO allows direct correction of such entries. Furthermore, ACCOUNT PRO avoids the terms `Debit` and `Credit` for data entry. Instead, an amount sign is used, which makes data entry faster and easier. Nevertheless, the displays and printouts of ACCOUNT PRO are in accordance with normal accounting terminology.

In addition to the normal accounting capabilities, ACCOUNT PRO has special capabilities that allow efficient financial planning and forecasting. Not only monthly budgets, but also monthly forecasts can be entered for every expense and revenue account. Monthly and yearly planning reports facilitate an overview of the system as a whole. With these features, realistic forecasts of the financial result at the end of the accounting period can be made at any time.

The program`s data capacities are as follows:
- 2000 accounting systems- 20,000 accounts per system- 200,000 (double-entry) transactions per business year- 200 standard transactions- 200 recurring transactions- 200 currencies- 2,000 cost centers/projects

Tag-uri: Account Pro 200 User-friendly network-capable multi-currency accounting and finance planning program equally suitable for small medium businesses institutions private users ACCOUNT PRO multi-system British American European multilingual can installed English German French Spanish Italian Danish Swedish Dutch The based the principle double-entry bookkeeping capable networking handles 2000 client accounts has function automatic entry tax discount transactions comes with number standard charts Accounting very easy opposed normal programs where erroneous entries must neutralized canceled corrected additional allows direct correction such Furthermore avoids terms Debit Credit data Instead amount sign used which makes faster easier Nevertheless displays printouts are accordance terminology addition capabilities special that allow efficient financial forecasting Not only monthly budgets but also forecasts entered every expense revenue account Monthly yearly reports facilitate overview system whole With these features realistic result end period made any time capacities follows systems- 000 per system- business year- transactions- recurring currencies- cost centers projects

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