123 Flash Menu 1.1

Title: 123 Flash Menu 1.1
Size: 1 KB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $39.95
Shortdescription: Create impressive and professional Flash menu in 3 steps
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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123 Flash Menu is a powerful tool to create impressive and professional Providing dynamic effects like animations, sounds, gradient and transparent without any programming skill. ! Support multilanguage Flash menu ! Supports all kinds of popular web browsers, e.g. IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror and Macintosh based browsers! Supports a lot of vivid effects, like animations, sounds, gradients and transparent, which can not be implemented by traditional scripts! Dozens of pre-created effects, themes and templates to help you save time and work easier! Only one file generated, but not multiple files like the traditional script menu! What you see is what you get. Tip: press the refresh button, if the preview window is not updated! Supports frameset! Supports multiple menus in the same page, no script modification needed! Supports both horizontal and vertical styles! Horizontal bar automatically fit the width of Flash! Supports menu popup at mouse click (OnPress), or mouse hover(OnMouseOver)! Supports both menu pop up direction, up and down! Supports gradient effect, you can choose any color to make colorful gradient menu! Supports transparent menu to complement with your web page! Font, size, color, top offset, left offset of menu item can be set freely! Menu border state can be set, include `BorderColor`, `BorderSize`, `BorderEmobss`! Font, size, color, top offset, left offset of menu item can be set freely! Menu shadow can be added to enhance floating effect! Supports menu fade effect! The publish wizard can produce the web page with HTML code automatically! Supports advanced script code to work with the Flash menu! Supports multi-level menu! Supports Flash compression, which will speed up the downloading time! A build-in browser window to help you test the links inside the Flash menu

Tag-uri: 123 Flash Menu powerful tool create impressive and professional Providing dynamic effects like animations sounds gradient transparent without any programming skill Support multilanguage menu Supports all kinds popular web browsers Netscape Opera Mozilla Konqueror Macintosh based lot vivid gradients which can not implemented traditional scripts Dozens pre-created themes templates help you save time work easier Only one file generated but multiple files the script What see what get Tip press refresh button preview window updated frameset menus same page modification needed both horizontal vertical styles Horizontal bar automatically fit width popup mouse click OnPress hover OnMouseOver pop direction down effect choose color make colorful complement with your Font size top offset left item set freely border state include BorderColor BorderSize BorderEmobss shadow added enhance floating fade The publish wizard produce HTML code advanced multi-level compression will speed downloading build-in browser test links inside

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