System Mechanic Professional 5.5a

Title: System Mechanic Professional 5.5a
Size: 31.16 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $69.95
Shortdescription: Fix PC errors, stop popups, spyware, hackers/viruses; increase speeds, and more!
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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A totally integrated suite of powerful products to keep your PC running fast, and error-free. System Mechanic Professional will solve stubborn and frustrating problems and prevent them from reoccurring; automatically maintain your computer for peak performance, speed, and reliability; protect against viruses, hackers, e-mail worms, and Internet threats; eliminate dangerous spyware and malware parasites; ensure personal and internet privacy and security; recover lost or deleted files, photos, music, and email; and much more! System Mechanic Professional offers an unrivaled list of features by combing six award-winning products and seamlessly integrating them into one authoritative and easy-to-use solution! The tools included are as follows: SYSTEM MECHANIC?5: Block pop-ups | Increase Internet Speeds up to 300% | Clean, optimize, defragment, compress, and backup the Registry | Superfast disk defragoptimization and new boot-time defragmentation | Eliminate spyware parasites | Defragment system RAM | Tweak many undocumented Windows` settings | One-step PC Maintenance Wizard | Sweep out hard drive and Internet clutter | Fix broken shortcuts | Remove invalid uninstallers | Remove duplicate files | Securely delete files | Manage startup programs | Perform system snapshots and comparisons - Schedule unattended system maintenance. VIRUS PROTECTION: Stop Viruses | Worm protection | Trojan protection | E-mail protection. INTERNET FIREWALL: Stop hackers from attacking your PC. SEARCH AND RECOVER? Undelete files, documents, pictures, and more | Resurrect deleted email | Recover from digital cameras, MP3 players, etc. | Create backup drive images. SYSTEM SHIELD? Protect against identity theft and corporate espionage. DRIVESCRUBBER? Securely wipe data from any drive | Clean up after virus attacks | Destroy data before donating or selling PCs.

Tag-uri: System Mechanic Professional totally integrated suite powerful products keep your running fast and error-free will solve stubborn frustrating problems prevent them from reoccurring automatically maintain computer for peak performance speed reliability protect against viruses hackers e-mail worms Internet threats eliminate dangerous spyware malware parasites ensure personal internet privacy security recover lost deleted files photos music email much more offers unrivaled list features combing six award-winning seamlessly integrating into one authoritative easy-to-use solution The tools included are follows SYSTEM MECHANIC Block pop-ups Increase Speeds 300 Clean optimize defragment compress backup the Registry Superfast disk defragoptimization new boot-time defragmentation Eliminate Defragment system RAM Tweak many undocumented Windows settings One-step Maintenance Wizard Sweep out hard drive clutter Fix broken shortcuts Remove invalid uninstallers duplicate Securely delete Manage startup programs Perform snapshots comparisons Schedule unattended maintenance VIRUS PROTECTION Stop Viruses Worm protection Trojan E-mail INTERNET FIREWALL attacking SEARCH AND RECOVER Undelete documents pictures Resurrect Recover digital cameras MP3 players etc Create images SHIELD Protect identity theft corporate espionage DRIVESCRUBBER wipe data any after virus attacks Destroy before donating selling PCs

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