Adaptive Reminder 1.7

Title: Adaptive Reminder 1.7
Size: 494 KB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: USD $19.95
Shortdescription: Will help you control the time and to computer audit. Time tracking service.
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  • Date 11 Jun, 2005

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Time Tracking - If you charge out your computer time, use it to work out how much time you have spent on a each program.Record and view user activity.You may use it to computer audit use at work time.Log all windows to show all running programs.Runs invisibly.Configure to Run on Startup.The log of all running programs is always available.Adaptive Reminder is your choice if you want to manage time in the best possible way when operating the computer.Adaptive Reminder will help you keep in mind all the very important matters, control the amount of time your children spend on the computer, dont forget to take your medicine in time and many other things ...The Adaptive Reminder can be used by anyone for home and business.Add birthdays, anniversaries, plan all of your important meetings and events, and more. Very simple and easy-to-use.Reticent and unobtrusive reminders - you can regulate the degree of the reminders` persistence.You can always pause the reminders` activation, for example when you are making a presentation on your computer.The program`s icon on the task bar can be hidden, but the program itself remains active and its menu can be accessed by using hot-keys. Use the various types:A reminder`s text can appear in the header of the program you are working with at the moment.Reminder can reveal itself by blinking the Icon next to the clock in the System Tray on your desktop.Reminder can display a PopUp window in the center of the screen.Any of these manifestations can be accompanied by a sound.If a reminder was to have worked when the computer happened to be off or the reminder`s activation was paused, it will be entered into the Expired list and you won`t lose it.

Tag-uri: Adaptive Reminder Time Tracking you charge out your computer time use work how much have spent each program Record and view user activity You may audit Log all windows show running programs Runs invisibly Configure Run Startup The log always available choice want manage the best possible way when operating will help keep mind very important matters control amount children spend dont forget take medicine many other things can used anyone for home business Add birthdays anniversaries plan meetings events more Very simple easy-to-use Reticent unobtrusive reminders regulate degree persistence pause activation example are making presentation icon task bar hidden but itself remains active its menu accessed using hot-keys Use various types reminder text appear header working with moment reveal blinking Icon next clock System Tray desktop display PopUp window center screen Any these manifestations accompanied sound was worked happened off paused entered into Expired list won lose

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